Podiatry Factoid

There are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet. Sweat glands in the feet excrete as much as a half-pint of moisture a day.
Glossary - F

Flatfoot - a condition in which one or more arches of the foot have flattened out.

Footdrop - 1. a contracture deformity associated with bed rest and immobility, resulting in the inability to place the heel on the ground. 2. dropping of the foot from paralysis of the anterior muscles of the leg.

Forefoot - the front part of the foot.

Fungus - a general term for a group of eukaryotic organisms (mushrooms, yeasts, molds, etc.) marked by the absence of chlorophyll, the presence of a rigid cell wall in some stage of the life cycle, and reproduction by means of spores. Fungi are present in the soil, air, and water, but only a few species can cause disease. Among the fungal diseases (mycoses) are "histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, ringworm, histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, ringworm, Athlete's foot, and thrush. Although the fungal diseases develop slowly, are difficult to diagnose, and are resistant to treatment, they are rarely fatal except for systemic mycotic infections, which can be life-threatening, especially for immunocompromised patients.